Around 2012, I began braiding scraps of fabric left over from Oblige (the original hand-crafted fashion collection from THE L.A.B. In the beginning of THE L.A.B. journey, while I was retailing my work at art and music festivals, I realized that the braids would make great hippie headbands and bracelets!  I called it The Wrap-Around; I started selling them and they flew like candy!

I needed production to keep up with the demand so I thought about who might need this kind of work and a light bulb turned on.  I went to the nearest domestic abuse shelter and knocked on the door.  I asked if anyone wanted to braid fabric for cash.

Next thing ya know, the project was meeting the needs from women at multiple local shelters as well as festival go-ers.  Hand-craft therapy + fair compensation + free-spirit style = THE REVIVAL-WRAP. #wrappingaroundindependence #therevivalwrap

I plan to relaunch The Revival-Wrap in the near future!  The last set from the original production (2012-2018) IS FOUND ONLY AT:


Fernandez Art Gallery
604 South Pine Street
New Smyrna Beach,
Florida 32169
PHONE: 386.295.5254

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