Currently, the remainder of the first phase of the OBLIGE collection (produced 2011-2018) will be sold at one boutique I hold dear to my heart:

Fernandez Art Gallery
604 South Pine Street
New Smyrna Beach,
Florida 32169
PHONE: 386.295.5254

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Photo: Bonnaroo Art & Music Festival 2014

Photo: Bonnaroo Art & Music Festival 2014

OBLIGE {A L.A.B. COLLECTION}- the true start

I started THE L.A.B. company as a sole proprietor out of my home, based on 100% hand-crafted fashion including revamped & reconstructed vintage, hand tie-dye and illustration work.  I truly felt like it was my moral *obligation* to create a grassrooted fashion label: organic and from the ground up, so the sub-label "oblige" was born. This collection is exclusively sold at art and music festivals, as well as in brick & mortar, independent boutiques only at this point in time.

For about 5 years straight, I created one piece at a time by hand and I travelled to as many festivals to be around like-minds and to retail my hand-crafted fashion label.  I also hand cut crops, fringe and tanks on the spot.  Oblige has made it's way into approximately 50 boutiques around the nation.   I'm currently preparing and crafting the next realm of Oblige; upon launch I will share updated store listings and festival schedule.  Select pieces will be available online.