The Start Up

From the ground up, I founded THE L.A.B. as a sole proprietorship in 2011 as ‘a place where creative things happen.’ My first products sold included revamped vintage, hand illustrated graphic tees, and Revival-Wraps.

The first phase of business brought hand-crafted work, (monetary and therapeutic support) to women of domestic abuse shelters throughout the state of Georgia, USA. I traveled to art and music festivals to set up my hand-crafted booths around the Southeast and sold wholesale to over 60 boutiques and stores throughout the country.

Through this organic process, I learned about my values, my karma, spirituality and my personal purpose as an artist, designer, innovator, business owner, Yoga teacher and practitioner. Most importantly, I’ve learned that WE ALL need each other!

Sometimes, I rocked and rolled around like a tumbleweed in the wind. After three years of very small business, trial and error, and a handful of disappointments, my favorite festival experience was Bonnaroo, 2014. It’s where I developed the slogan: “Be Strong. Be True. Be Free.” If you were there that year, you know as well as I do, the vibes were high! It was a tipping point.

Click here to read more about my start-up mind set and products in my interview with
Women’s Surf Style Magazine, 2015.

LABbonnaroo_2014_edited copy.jpg

All in all, THE L.A.B. has been a soul search and despite the many “failures” along the way, the practice of Yoga and infinite high fives have proven to be a guide and foundation to all creations and the means to realize that there is no end to life.

As of 2019, THE L.A.B.’S original, private fashion collections (produced 2011-2018) are officially off the wholesale market.

I am currently focused on the creation and production of my next phase(s) as an artist, designer and Yogi.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you.

XX, Lindsey