Full Moon in Gemini

The vibes from last night's Full Moon in Gemini strongly linger among Earth, smelling of split personality as we try to hold on to past life drama.  Try as we may, but any dust that lies in our memories is no more.  Mercury also went retrograde - making way for extra twists and turns that I don't think any human can really understand quite yet; however, we can prepare our minds and align our hearts for what futurists indeed invision.

2017 has been "the year of The Cocoon" and we'll start to prepare for 2018's Spring Awakening over the next few months; it is an understatement to say that we are living in *stellar times* as we approach what is projected to be the year of The Divine Feminine, symbolically represented by Luna and her Butterfly.

When push comes to shove, our individual voices are becoming louder and clearer than ever before.  This phenomenon is beautiful but it can also stir up any left over baggage that we (and/or anyone around us) may be carrying around in our psyches.

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees, we can go ahead and grab our broom sticks .... and leave them out for the entire month of December; because before we can fly, we'll be sweeping up and letting go of all of our individual, negative, karmic patterns.  New everything is approaching and integrating into our way of life rather quickly and we'll walk into fresh high vibes together, so as long as we have faith that The Universe is here to serve us and vice versa.

This December, as we begin to close out the year and complete our work in our cocoons, the days become shorter and classic renditions come to mind.

I continue to build LindseyBarnett.com daily.  Thank you for your undying curiosity and support.

Looking forward; remaining present. Namaste.

XX, Lindsey